Friday, January 1, 2010

Regarding Janus, Blogs, and Clocks

It's January 1. Happy New Year!

January is named after Janus, the Roman god of gateways and doors. He has two heads, that look in opposite directions: one head looks back on 2009, and the other head looks forward to 2010. It's a fitting name for the first month of the year.

Things I Did For New Year's:
∙I created a new Word file for my Journal, which was getting unwieldy.
∙I created folder #09 for the next three months of my Camera Pictures folder.
∙I opened my Amazing Trivia Facts Page-A-Day 2010 Calendar. (There are 250 million bubbles in the average champagne bottle.)
∙I opened my Fractal Universe 2010 Calendar.
∙I fixed my sofa cover, which was sagging.
∙I shaved.
∙I began a plan to reorganize my hard drive, into something more intuitive.


∙I wrote this first post in my blog, which had existed, postless, for quite some time.

Since we're on the subject of time, here is a picture of my cuckoo clock.

It's mechanical (all moving parts, no electricity) and old-fashioned - just my kind of clock. Although my atomic clock is the complete opposite end of the spectrum, and that's my kind of clock too.

I guess my taste in timepieces says a lot about me.

I hope to post something here at least once a week. Although I might post more often during this winter break when I have far less to do.


Donna said...

I really like your cuckoo clock. I have already asked you before, but where did you get it?

Riju Dasgupta said...

My parents got it as a gift years ago. The clock is older than I am. I remember seeing that clock as far back as I remember, and when we moved and finished remodeling, I remembered it and asked my mom if she knew where it was, and if I could have it in my room. She found it.

shoulderpads said...

Janus should either lose the head looking back or start looking sideways.