Saturday, January 9, 2010

Haircuts, Girl-Approved or Otherwise

I'll explain this picture soon.
Does anyone remember Doug from the 90's? I used to watch that.

There was a show in which Doug needed a haircut, and Skeeter (his blue, literally blue, friend), said, "I heard you're getting your ears lowered," and Doug looked in a shop window and imagined his ears literally sinking down his head. It was just something I remembered.

Anyway, I got a haircut today (January 8). There's this Chinese woman in "La Belle Beauty Salon" on 182nd, before Crenshaw, headed east, who has cut my hair several times for a couple years now. (I hope she's Chinese. I don't know her name, so this is my best guess.)

Haircuts have always been a sort of tension point for me, because they always made me irritated. I have to sit still and move my head as convenient for the person cutting my hair (whether my mom or otherwise), and I can't see anything because my glasses have to be off, and I can't really think or concentrate about anything else because, well, there's someone with scissors near your head.

So after I was too old to have my mom cut my hair, we went to Supercuts or some other haircut place for a basic trim. Once again, not pleasant experiences for me. Then one day we found this little place on 182nd and at first I was predisposed to not go in there since it said "Beauty Salon", but there was a sign that said "$8 Men's Haircuts" so I couldn't argue with that and I had to go in. Interestingly, though the water she (the middle-aged Chinese woman whose shop it was) sprayed on my head was cold, the final result was something that I liked, meaning that I didn't think I looked stupid. It was cheaper, the woman was nice, and she cut it so that I wasn't ashamed. I've gone back there ever since.

The sole exception for the past couple of years was October 23, 2009, when a shop near campus in Berkeley was set up for a week to promote the AXE Hair Crisis Relief Center. As their promotion, they were having a Cal Guys Special, that is, Cal guys get a free AXE-girl-approved haircut.

Hey, I'm an Indian college student. Sue me.

The waiting list turned out to be really long, it took two or four hours, enough time for me to wander around Berkeley for a while. The experience was in fact quite pleasant - I told them I wanted a trim, and the AXE girls washed and shampooed my hair and then she chatted with me while she cut my hair. I had caught them at nearly 5 PM on the very last day, meaning I was among the last 20 guys of probably hundreds whose hair they cut that week. Afterwards, they gave me free samples of some AXE hair product, gave me a sticker of girl-approval (which you see above), and bid me good evening.

* * *

I, a male, am writing about my hair. Which is not even particularly striking.

Clearly, I need better things to do with my vacation.

Luckily, exciting things may be happening to me as I start my second semester at Berkeley.

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