Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Notebook (of Physics)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I sat through half of yet another pointless lecture and went upstairs to LeConte Hall's 3rd floor, to the Physics and Astronomy Library, and wrote this in my notebook:

"Today, March 18, begins a new era in Physics 7B. For, having reached the end of my metaphorical rope, unable to give the lecture any more slack, I abandon my futile attempts to extract meaning from the rambling sludge that currently qualifies lecture. From this point on, notes shall consist of those taken by me, from the Giancoli textbook, which for all its failings, doubtless accomplishes the task of teaching me physics more completely than the pathetic attempt that is now foisted upon me. It is only in the darkest depths of despair that I should resort to such a flagrant flouting of authority, and out of necessity I proceed to do just this. In doing so I establish and exercise my right as a student to learn."

Thanks, Katy Pedelty, for telling me to blog this. It was a good idea.

-Riju Dasgupta, March 30, 2010